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Using module commands, we can examine the system environment and decide on compiler options:

fyi. the following examples are based on the Euclid system as of November 2012.

1. First, verify the environment against which you want to compile, along with available tools:

2. Load the environment you prefer:

3. Now, you can invoke any of the known compilers, including mpicc (and also gcc, icc), mpiCC, mpif77; most users are interested to invoke something like the following:

The "-o" option provides an output file name; otherwise, your executable is saved as "a.out"; be careful to avoid overwriting your source code by putting it as parameter to -o.

Here is an example job for demo purposes.

  • Please familiarize yourself with at least one UNIX text editor (nano, vi, emacs); you need that to create the following files.
  • This example is a minimal Hello World program written in MPI:

Sample Bash Script

Command to submit a job on euclid

View the output of the Hello MPI World program

You may also try alternatively the interactive way, more useful for debugging purposes:

NOTE: Please remember to type "exit" as soon as possible with interactive jobs, since they consume resources.

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