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EMAC Compilation

The EMAC v2.52 source code is available under a very restrictive license, limiting use for benchmarking purposes for tender CyI/HPCF/CyTera/2018 only and forbidding keeping a copy or distributing the code.
The source code is available upon request by

The steps for the compilation of EMAC can be found below:
1. Unzip the source code

2. Before compiling the code make sure that netCDF-Fortran (version 4.2 or later) and flex are installed on the system.
The above software packages are the dependencies of the code.

3. Change host specific compiler options and switches in the config/mh-linux-64 file.
The variables that are set inside mh-linux-64 and are used by configure are:

You can either use the default options or add a section specifically for your host and declare the above variables.
In the config/mh-linux-64 you can find examples of other hosts and options. Note that the host is matched using regular expressions as you can see in the other examples in config/mh-linux-64

4. Build the code:

How to run the EMAC Benchmark

The input data for the benchmark can be found in the below link:

1. Once you download the benchmark you need to untar it:

2. Copy the bin/echam5.exe binary (that was created when EMAC was compiled) to the run work directory.

3. Run and give as input the NPY and NPX variables. Note that the product of NPY and NPX should be equal to the number of cores with NPY > NPX e.g if number of cores is 12 then NPY=4 and NPX=3. The script was tested on Cy-Tera HPC machine which uses the Environment modules for handling the installed software. You need to modify the script accordingly so that your environment includes all dependencies.

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