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Getting Started on LinkSCEEM HPC resources

LinkSCEEM is an open scientific discovery infrastructure combining resources at partner sites to create an integrated, persistent computational resource. This tutorial provides you with the general information that you need to quickly get started using LinkSCEEM resources. Topics covered in include:

  • connecting and logging in to a LinkSCEEM resource
  • maintaining security
  • using login shells in a Unix-like environment
  • transferring files, customizing your software environment
  • compiling and running jobs via the queueing system

After you have worked through the lessons in this course, you will have the skills needed to begin your research on LinkSCEEM resources.

Further training material can be found in our online training portal:
The main topics covered are:
  • Parallel Computing Explained
  • Introduction to MPI
  • Intermediate MPI
  • Introduction to Multi-core Performance
  • Introduction to OpenMP
  • Debugging Serial and Parallel Codes
  • Multilevel Parallel Programming
  • Introduction to Performance Tools
  • Introduction to Visualization
  • Parallel Numerical Libraries
  • Performance Tuning for Clusters
  • Tuning Applications for High Performance Networks
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