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Common Queue Names

Common queue names will allow users to understand LinkSCEEM-2 HPC environment faster and move scripts across sites more easily.

BC Policy: LS2_05-05
Date of Policy: 1st November 2011

  • First Update: 23rd September 2011
  • Second Update: 23rd December 2011
  • Third Update: 11th January 2012
  • Fourth Update: 1st February 2012

A goal of this policy is to institute a core namespace of batch queues with the same names at each of the centers participating in the Baseline Configuration Initiative. The queue names were chosen to align with LS2 project priorities. In addition, each center is explicitly allowed to offer customized batch support and service levels for specialized work loads of each own.

The core set of common queue names will allow users to more easily move their jobs and scripts among centers. This improves user productivity by requiring less time and effort to support many different scripts and to learn a different queue environment at each center.

The Compute queue names defined by this project and their respective priority classes are:

Queue Name Priority Class Cost
Description Specifications
urgent Urgent 1 MAY Approved by LinkSCEEM-2 Scientific Coordinator
or, HPC Site Principal, on a case by case basis
as needed, for fulfilling site or project objectives.
Can be used after downtimes, for big jobs @ >50%
interactive Interactive 1 MAY For interactive jobs prefer standing reservations;
maxsize @ 4 nodes; max walltime @ 2 hours
debug Debug 0 SHOULD Time/Resource limited for debug purposes max walltime @ 30 minutes
batch Standard 1 MUST For approved LS2 projects maxsize @ 50% of resources
max walltime @ 24hours
transfer Standard 1 MAY Data stage-in/stage-out jobs used for jobs heavy in I/O meant for data transfers
gpu Standard 1 MAY For approved LS2 projects needing GPUs Normal queue for GPU resources
gpu-low Low Priority 0 MAY For approved LS2 projects needing GPUs No allocation subtraction
batch-low Low Priority 0 MAY For approved LS2 projects No allocation subtraction

The above list of queues, starting at urgent and ending at batch-low, denotes priorities from the highest to lowest, in that order.

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