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Baseline Editors and Scripting Tools

Each center will install and maintain the following baseline set of editors and scripting tools. New versions of these packages should be installed within 30 days of their availability on all allocated HPC systems and non-storage user-accessible support servers, and they should be installed in the users default path. References for obtaining information and downloading these packages are included below.

BC Policy: LS2_06-04
Date of Policy: 1st November 2011
First Update: 15th July 2011
Second Update: 23rd September 2011
Third Update: 17th January 2012
Fourth Update: 15th February 2012

Baseline shells are covered by policy LS2_05-06

Python and its scientific add-on components are fully covered in BC policy LS2_10-02 entitled "Common Open Source High Productivity Languages."

Baseline Editors

Baseline Scripting Tools

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