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Common Set of Open Source Utilities

Centers will provide a core set of open source utilities on all allocated HPC systems and non-storage user-accessible support servers, and installed in the users default path.

BC Project LS2_06–19
Date of Policy: 1 September 2011
First Update: 2011-07-11 (initial policy)
Second Update: 2012-02-15

The current core set of open source utilities is:

autoconf (GNU) Produces shell scripts to automatically configure software source code packages.
automake (GNU) Generates files from input files. These ini files are compliant with the GNU coding standards and build process.
Bison (GNU) Converts a grammar description into a C program to parse that grammar.
cvs (GNU) Provides a version control system for managing source files, and documents.
subversion Provides a version control system for managing files and directories
tar (GNU) Creates tar archives, as well as providing various other kinds of manipulation.
gzip (GNU) Is a data compression utility.
bzip2 Block-sorting data compression/uncompression utilities. Command line options are deliberately similar to those of gzip.

Other software utilities can be incorporated into this core set with Baseline Configuration team consensus.

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