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Overview: What are LinkSCEEM resources?

LinkSCEEM consists of people, resources and services that enable discovery in Eastern Mediterranean science and engineering. It is funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme. Through coordinated policy, grid software, and high-performance network connections, LinkSCEEM integrates a distributed set of high-capability computational data management and visualization resources to make research more productive.

Getting a LinkSCEEM Allocation

Computing time or data space on LinkSCEEM resources is allocated through an international, peer-reviewed process. You can find information about types of allocations, allocation deadlines and the allocation process on the LinkSCEEM's Allocations and Accounts Web page. You must have an allocation and an account with LinkSCEEM before you can use its resources.

The Cy-Tera and LinkSCEEM calls are only open to academic researchers, as long as the organisation of the project leader is homed in an Eastern Mediterranean partner country or, resources permitting, to all countries in the Eastern Mediterranean region. LinkSCEEM HPC centres may have further restrictions on who is eligible to use the machines, for example, due to US export rules. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that they are eligible to use the system

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