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Scalasca is a performance analysis tool with a good balance between the effort required to perform measurements and the detail and quality of information it provides. The information provided in the Quick reference guide for most cases is sufficient to perform the analysis. More details are available in the documentation section of Scalasca web-page. There are also slides from the Scalasca Introduction at the Cyprus Advanced HPC Workshop Winter 2012 available online.

On Cy-Tera, Scalasca is part of the UNITE software package. To load the corresponding modules:

However, if no module for the MPI/compiler combination needed is available, compiling Scalasca from source is generally easy, as there are only few dependencies. The dependency on the Qt library is only relevant for compiling the GUI to examine the results, Cube, and is not required on Cy-Tera to perform the actual measurements.

The three steps of the Scalasca performance analysis in brief:

  1. When compiling, prefix you compiler command with
  2. When running, prefix the executable with
  3. After running, use

    to view the results.

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