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Policies listed here are only to be used in the future.
Provisional policies:
LS2_05-02 Minimum Scratch Space Retention Time (FUTURE?)      
LS2_05-03 Kerberos Ticket Life (IGNORE?)      
LS2_06-02 Kerberos/SSH Access (IGNORE?)      
LS2_06-03 Subproject Allocation and Usage Command (FUTURE?)      
LS2_06-06 Allocation Expiration Notice (FUTURE?)      
LS2_06-09 Archival Retrieval (FUTURE?)      
LS2_06-10 Standardized User Notices (FUTURE?)      
LS2_06-11 Announcing and Logging Changes (FUTURE?)      
LS2_06-12 Common Change Control Rollback (FUTURE?)      
LS2_06-14 Cross-Center File Transfers (FUTURE?)      
LS2_07-05 Easy Access to Queue Status (TBD)      
LS2_08-01 ezVIZ Visualization Tool (FUTURE?)      
LS2_09-01 Advance Reservation (FUTURE?)      
LS2_10-03 Consistency in Number of Characters in a Project Identifier (TBD)      
LS2_10-04 Sustained System Performance (SSP) Test Job Execution (FUTURE?)      
LS2_10-05 Debug Queue Limits (FUTURE?)      
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