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As a LinkSCEEM user, you have access to some of the best academic high performance computing and data resources in the Eastern Mediterranean. Good security practices are a must.

In this section you will learn about recommended security practices for safeguarding both your own accounts and LinkSCEEM systems.

Recommended Security Practices for LinkSCEEM Users
  • Store your Account Information in a safe place.
  • Don't share login information. If you would like another project member to have access to your LinkSCEEM resources, request to add him or her to your project. We'll cover this in Adding/Removing Users.
  • If individuals leave your project, request to remove their account from your allocation. We'll cover this in Adding/Removing Users.
  • When changing passphrases and passwords, use strong passwords with mixed cases and character types.
  • You should create a unique password that you use nowhere else. If, for example, an email system is compromised, the intruders may use user information that they have "harvested" to attempt to access other systems where those users may have accounts.
  • If you suspect a security incident, contact the site Help Desk immediately.

It is vital that users comply with the above after having signed their Acceptable Usage Policy agreements.

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