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Welcome Pack

Welcome to the LinkSCEEM-2 environment. By now you should have submitted an application for Preparatory/Production access or Educational Access on our HPC resources. If this is not the case:

Below we outline the procedure required for getting access on LinkSCEEM-2 HPC resources.

Login Node Names for HPC Resources

If you have been successful in your submission, you (and your collaborators or students) will be granted access to the LinkSCEEM-2 HPC resource(s) indicated in your notification email. The login nodes of the systems are the following:

  • BA (Biblioteca Alexandrina, Egypt) :
  • EUCLID (The Cyprus Institute, Cyprus) :
  • CyTera (The Cyprus Institute, Cyprus) :
  • Blue Gene (NARSS, Egypt) :
Obtaining an Account

To gain access to one of the above HPC resources please do the following:
a. Print, complete, sign and fax the Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) for the resource you have been granted access to (fax no: +357-22-208625).
The AUP is available in .pdf & .doc formats from the LinkSCEEM website (
As “Project Reference code” put the project code (eg. ls_app100s0) corresponding to your linklings submission. For the educational access projects as "Projects Reference code" please put "Educational Access"

b. Each registered project member should request a user account on the allocated HPC resource(s) by completing the following form:
Please note:
• You will not be granted a user account on a HPC resource if you have not completed this form.
• Each accepted project is allocated a specific HPC site, you will only be allowed access to your projects allocated site(s)
• You will not be granted access unless you are registered as a collaborator in an accepted production or preparatory project or as a professor/student in an educational access project. Additional collaborators (not registered in the original proposal) can only be registered by the project leader by contacting
• If you are permitted to access to more than one HPC resource you will have to complete the form for each permitted site – each time choosing the appropriate (and different) HPC resource you are entitled to use.

Once the above has been done, you will be contacted by the HPC site to request your ssh public key.
If you need instructions on how to generate a public key, please visit the following link:

User Resources

The LinkSCEEM2 website has a section on User Resources, please familiarize yourself with its content.
There you will find useful and extensive information - such as, for example, how to address the helpdesk and report issues, and information on available training materials.. Here are some initial pointers from this information that should prove useful:

  • User Support & helpdesk procedures

  • Quickstart - Getting Started on LinkSCEEM HPC Resources course:

  • Training Material (please make an account, material under construction)

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the helpdesk system:
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