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This variable, intended to be referenced from inside a job script, shall contain the number of nodes allocated for a particular job.


This variable contains the path to the base directory of the default installation of JAVA on a particular compute platform. If the platform does not have JAVA installed, this variable should not be defined. It can also be provided via the modules mechanism.


This variable contains the path to the base directory for the sample codes and scripts installed by a center's staff under BC policy Sample Code Repository.


This is an individual user’s directory on the local temporary file system (i.e., local high speed disk) that is available on all LinkSCEEM-2 high performance computing (HPC) systems. WORKDIR is intended to be used by executing programs to perform file I/O that is local to that system in order to avoid slower file I/O across a network mounted file system, such as a user's home or archive directories. It is not intended to be used as a permanent file storage area by users. Accordingly, this file system MAY NOT be backed up or exported to any other system. In the event of file or directory structure deletion or a catastrophic disk failure, such files and directory structures are lost. Thus, it is the user’s responsibility to transfer files that need to be saved to a location that allows for permanent file storage, such as the user’s archival or home directory locations - if they are permanent via a backup policy.

This list of environment variables is subject to change, and should be reviewed on a periodic basis for potential additions or deletions.