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As an example of what kind of facilities users should be expecting of, here is an template matrix of commands:
|qstat -a |Display the status of batch jobs|
|qdel <pbs_jobid> |Delete (cancel) a queued job|
|qstat -r |Show all running jobs on system|
|qstat -f <pbs_jobid> |Show detailed information of the specified job|
|qstat -q |Show all queues on system|
|qstat -Q |Show queues limits for all queues|
|qstat -B |Show quick information of the server|
|pbsnodes -a |Show node status|
|showstart <pbs_jobid> |Show an estimated starting time for the specified job|
|checkjob <pbs_jobid> |Show detailed job state information|
|showbf |Show information on available time slots|

Further material about batch system usage is available at the following link in the Training Portal: