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HPC-BC is an effort to setup a common well-documented environment across multiple HPC sites.

HPC Baseline Configuration (BC) is an effort to define a common set of capabilities and functions so that users can work more productively and collaboratively when using the HPC resources at multiple computing centers within the LinkSCEEM-2 project context. This will be accomplished by defining and developing a common set of capabilities and functions so that users can focus energy on their research as opposed to wrestling with center-specific policies and procedures.

It is modeled after a similar effort taking place elsewhere among 6 HPC sites and in effect it is an extension upon it: HPC-BC
The effort of that BC team keeps marching on helping users work more productivity by updating existing policies to accommodate new users, integrating new capabilities that must be consistent across the enterprise, or just providing a sounding board for users experiencing difficulties with HPC environments.

Keywords like MUST, MAY, SHOULD, RECOMMENDED are used in accordance with RFC2119

About the Baseline Configuration

There is a growing community of LinkSCEEM-2 users who need to work on data- and computation-intensive problems spread across multiple computing centers and services. Recent discussions show that over half of users may need accounts at more than one center.

The main goal of the HPC Baseline Configuration activity is to define and establish a common set of capabilities and functions so that users can compute productively and collaboratively when using the HPC resources at multiple computing centers.

Compliance Matrix

Use notation help for (respectively standing for: yes, no, agree, disagree, information notice, attention notice)

  Participating Shared Resource Centers are BA, CyI, NARSS      
Policy tag # Policy Topics BA CyI NARSS
LS2_05-01 Multiple-Version Software
LS2_05-02 Minimum Scratch Space Retention Time (FUTURE?)      
LS2_05-03 Kerberos Ticket Life (IGNORE?)      
LS2_05-04 Environment Variables      
LS2_05-05 Queue Names (FUTURE?)      
LS2_05-06 Login Shells
LS2_06-01 Open Source Math Libraries
LS2_06-02 Kerberos/SSH Access (IGNORE?)      
LS2_06-03 Subproject Allocation and Usage Command (FUTURE?)      
LS2_06-04 Editors and Scripting Tools
LS2_06-05 Debuggers (FUTURE?)      
LS2_06-06 Allocation Expiration Notice (FUTURE?)      
LS2_06-09 Archival Retrieval (FUTURE?)      
LS2_06-10 Standardized User Notices (FUTURE?)      
LS2_06-11 Announcing and Logging Changes (FUTURE?)      
LS2_06-12 Common Change Control Rollback (FUTURE?)      
LS2_06-14 Cross-Center File Transfers (FUTURE?)      
LS2_06-15 Sample Code Repository
LS2_06-17 Multiple-Version Software Access via Modules
LS2_06-19 Open Source Utilities
LS2_07-02 Open Source Performance and Profiling Tools
LS2_07-03 Common Set of Open Source Compilers
LS2_07-05 Easy Access to Queue Status      
LS2_08-01 ezVIZ Visualization Tool (FUTURE?)      
LS2_09-01 Advance Reservation (FUTURE?)      
LS2_10-01 New/Returning User Welcome Letter      
LS2_10-02 Common Open Source High Productivity Languages
LS2_10-03 Consistency in Number of Characters in a Project Identifier      
LS2_10-04 Sustained System Performance (SSP) Test Job Execution (FUTURE?)      
LS2_10-05 Debug Queue Limits (FUTURE?)      
Non-Compliance Disclaimer
Site compliance assures that the minimum guidelines of the policy have been met by the Center. Centers may, at their discretion, exceed the minimum guidelines and still remain in compliance. Periodic checks will be performed to ensure compliance is maintained.

Note, there may be valid reasons for not being compliant with a policy. For example, non-compliance may be acceptable if it prevents removal of an existing capability or function from the Center's systems or if the HPC system affected is scheduled for decommissioning in the near future.

Non-compliance is fine, as long as the documentation above is correct and the users are informed.

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