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h1. Tools

Tools which can be installed or are already available at LS2 HPC resources include:
(At right hand side - you can see the policy which implements them)
* Compilers for C/C++/Fortran and derivatives (gcc, intel compiler suites) - [LS2_07-03] & [LS2_11-96]
* Debuggers (gdb, Allinea DDT, Totalview) - [LS2_06-05]
* Profiling tools (Scalasca, Tau, Papi, PerfSuite, Vampir, gprof, Intel Vtune Analyzer) - [LS2_07-02]
* Languages (UPC, Chapel, HPC Fortran, Python - [LS2_10-02]) or (Java, Perl, Ruby) - [LS2_06-04]
* Programming Environments (R, Octave, Matlab, IDL) - [LS2_10-02] & [LS2_11-97]
* Programming Environments for GPUs (CUDA, OpenCL) - [LS2_11-99]
* Visualization (gnuplot, Paraview - [LS2_11-99], VisIt, tecplot, graphviz, VisTrails, 3DSlicer, MayaVi, OsiriX, grace)
* Editors (vi, joe, pico, emacs, Eclipse) - [LS2_06-04]
* UNIX shells (bash, sh, csh, tcsh, ksh, zsh) - [LS2_05-06]
* UNIX langs (awk, tcl - [LS2_06-04])
* UNIX remote shell tools (ssh, dsh, pdsh, pbsdsh, pdcp)
* UNIX utils (coreutils, sed, screen, time, ntp, ntpdate, procps, sysstat, strace, hwloc, curl, wget, lynx, links)
* Revision Control tools (rcs, cvs, svn, hg, git)
* Other (antlr, psom, mpi-start)
* Random number generators (SPRNG - [LS2_10-02], LCG, Mersenne Twister)
* Monitoring tools (ganglia, nagios, htop, qtop/pbstop et al)

Some more can be considered, eg. from the ones found in these lists: