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h1. Common Set of Commercial Compilers

Providing commercial compilers is imperative for certain user groups.

BC Policy: LS2_11-96
Date of Policy: 1st January 2012
First Update: 15th December 2011

Thus, to increase user productivity and expand commonality across LinkSCEEM-2, centers shall install the following commercial compilers, either through a user's default path or the availability of a module file. In addition, in order to truly take advantage of the modern HPC environment, _MPI support for the commercial compilers suite MUST be implemented_ for compliance with this policy.

|| Name || Prefered version(s) || Compliance level || Comments ||
| Intel C/C++ Compiler | v12.1 | MUST | |
| Intel Fortran Compiler | v10 , v11 , v12 | MUST | |
| Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran | v6.2 & v8.1 | SHOULD | This may be required by certain climate community members |

It is at the discretion of each center which (if any) libraries will be compiled with the commercial compilers. Ultimately, it will be the responsibility of each user of the commercial compilers to create the libraries that they require for their compiled software.

The current form of the policy currently does not specify 32 bit vs 64 bit version, though it is expected that the native architecture of a given system (typically 64 bits) is supported as target, while the other is optional but desired (typically 32 bits).