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h1. Common Set of Open Source Utilities

Centers will provide a core set of open source utilities on all allocated HPC systems and non-storage user-accessible support servers, and installed in the users default path.

BC Project LS2_06–19
Date of Policy: 1 September 2011
First Update: 2011-07-11 (initial policy)
Second Update: 2012-02-15

The current core set of open source utilities is:

|autoconf (GNU) |Produces shell scripts to automatically configure software source code packages.|
|automake (GNU) |Generates files from input files. These ini files are compliant with the GNU coding standards and build process.|
|Bison (GNU) |Converts a grammar description into a C program to parse that grammar.|
|cvs (GNU) |Provides a version control system for managing source files, and documents.|
|subversion |Provides a version control system for managing files and directories|
|tar (GNU) |Creates tar archives, as well as providing various other kinds of manipulation.|
|gzip (GNU) |Is a data compression utility.|
|bzip2 |Block-sorting data compression/uncompression utilities. Command line options are deliberately similar to those of gzip.|

Other software utilities can be incorporated into this core set with Baseline Configuration team consensus.