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h1. Common Open Source Performance and Profiling Tools

This policy defines a set of performance and profiling tools and their consistent maintenance (same version and configuration) across all systems of participating centers. Same configuration is dependent on system compatibility, and also, some libraries may have slightly different configurations due to architectural differences. These differences, however, will not affect the use of the libraries. A user moving from one resource to another will notice no difference between the installations.

BC Policy: LS2_07-02
Date of Policy: 1st September 2011
First Update: 15th July 2011
Second Update: 15th December 2011

The suite of maintained packages consists of:

|| Tool || Description || Compliance level || Reference ||
| UNITE | UNiform Integrated Tool Environment | MUST | |
| gprof | The GNU Profiler | MUST | |
| PAPI | Consistent interface to hardware counters and events | SHOULD | |
| Valgrind | Memory management analysis and profiling | SHOULD | |
| PerfSuite | software performance analysis | SHOULD | |
| Intel Vtune Analyzer | performance optimization tool | SHOULD | |

The goal of UNITE is to provide a robust, portable, and integrated environment for the debugging and performance analysis of parallel MPI, OpenMP, and hybrid MPI/OpenMP programs on high-performance compute clusters. It consists of a set of well-accepted portable, mostly open-source tools. UNITE itself includes:
|mpiP | Lightweight, Scalable MPI Profiling | |
|SCALASCA | Scalable trace analysis package | |
|Vampir | Performance Optimization | |
|TAU | Performance analysis of parallel applications \\ * PDT: Source-level auto-instrumentation \\ * Support for PAPI and SCALASCA | |

The packages will be installed and maintained as part of a consistent computational environment.