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h1. Batch Systems

The planned batch systems at LinkSCEEM-2 resources include:
* PBS (Portable Batch System or equivalent, eg. torque)
* SGE (Sun Grid Engine family or equivalent)
* SLURM (Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management or compatible)

Users are advised to check each individual HPC system to identify the available batch system and refer to the original manufacturer's documentation accordingly.

As an example of what kind of facilities users should be expecting of, here is an template matrix of commands:
|qstat -a |Display the status of batch jobs|
|qdel <pbs_jobid> |Delete (cancel) a queued job|
|qstat -r |Show all running jobs on system|
|qstat -f <pbs_jobid> |Show detailed information of the specified job|
|qstat -q |Show all queues on system|
|qstat -Q |Show queues limits for all queues|
|qstat -B |Show quick information of the server|
|pbsnodes -a |Show node status|
|showstart <pbs_jobid> |Show an estimated starting time for the specified job|
|checkjob <pbs_jobid> |Show detailed job state information|
|showbf |Show information on available time slots|

Further material about batch system usage is available at the following link in the Training Portal: # Please, open an account on this portal, beforehand
Users are strongly advised to study thoroughly the later information bundle.